Who we are – presentation in english

Unilead Group/Vardagens Dramatik is a Swedish consulting company. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the private as well as the public sector. The employees have a broad competence that extends across professional boundaries. To be a psychologist/educator/coach are a part of this, but the requirement is also to be a professional actor.

The company uses interactive theatre as an instrument for activating change. The unique method stimulates emotional involvement and demands active participation. This allows each participant to have the actual experience of change, rather than just learning about it on an intellectual level.

The method is used to increase understanding between people. It does not aim to be a method that miraculously solves all problems. Rather it aims to create common values to help establish a clear sense of purpose and goals, and a disciplined course of action to help achieve them.

Each seminar begins with a play that involves the participants in a case. This case is carefully researched and composed to illustrate a realistic scenario that is relevant to the theme of the seminar. During the course of the play, the participants will get acquainted with a number of characters and the issues these characters are confronted with. Once involved, it is up to the participants to help these characters find constructive solutions. The challenge is to successfully motivate each individual character to a positive change. Since the participants are faced with complex “real life” human beings, with real emotions and real defence mechanisms, they are forced to reflect upon their own way of communicating.

”I’ve worked with Vardagens Dramatik at IMD on the Mobilizing People Program over the last four years. The impact they have on the participants’ learning is truly amazing. Suddenly, participants are faced with real people that they must influence – what a great test of their leadership ability! Vardagens Dramatik are not only a great acting group, they understand leadership and challenge participants to be the best they can be.”
Bob Selden – The National Learning Institute

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